Activities are an important part of the life at Milverton and we make regular trips to our local church and local places of interest such as Wisley RHA, Hampton Court Palace and Richmond Park. Indoor activities vary. Hobbies such as flower arranging, board games and bingo form a part of our daily life and we have regular visits from entertainers and musicians.

The Eden Alternative

The Eden Alternative project focuses on holistic care with emphasis on social and psychological welfare. We agree with the Eden idea that life in a nursing home should not be seen as a period of decline, rather it should be a time of development and growth. Thus we aim to keep residents stimulated by involving them in decisions about providing a great variety of food and outings as well as maintaining our high standard of care.

The garden and gardening are popular with our residents in the summer months.

There are Summer Barbecues for the Residents and all their families. Wine, music and games for children all provided so the whole family can enjoy the day.

Prof Hubert Lacey