My father died last week after spending 16 months in Milverton. We had not chosen the home; he was sent there from hospital on a Discharge to Assess basis and we agreed that he should stay on. However, we look back on his time in Milverton as a real provision for his needs at this stage of his life. He was 94.

During the time that he was there we were impressed with every aspect of the home. The carers were consistently kind and thoughtful in their interactions with the residents. The nursing staff were compassionate and always on the ball. The food needs of my father, who had an impaired swallow were well provided for. The facilities are good. The garden is lovely. The Activities Organiser did a superb job, not only in providing general activities for the whole home, but also individually, eg finding library books that were suitable for my father.

We noticed that the Milverton slogan is ‘Care with Dignity’. This is a home which practices what it preaches. We would wholeheartedly commend it.